Alzheimer Hasta Bakıcısı

Alzheimerʼs disease (AD) is a condition that causes abnormal changes in the brain mainly affecting memory and other mental abilities. As the disease progresses, the loss of reasoning ability, language, decision-making ability, judgment, and other critical skills make navigating day-to-day living impossible without help from others.

AD is called a family disease, because the chronic stress of watching a loved one slowly decline affects everyone. Yet, please note that the care you give to yourself is the care you give to your loved one.

The role of the caregiver changes over time as the needs of the person with AD change. As soon as you share information about your patients’s stage of AD, PAR Consultancy will get in touch with you and provide you consultancy on the behaviors to expect, and caregiving information and recommendations related to each stage of the disease. The earlier you get support, the better both for you and your loved one.


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